Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Extra cash challenge - March results

Here are my results for my extra cash challenge for March.

Advertising: $135.39
Amazon: $34.62
ING/Capital One 360: $13.82
Lending Club: $1.23
Part-time job: $17.32

Total: $202.38

Difference from last month:  - $50.71

I don't know where the time has went - it's almost May already and I'm finally getting this post done.  Hopefully I will do better with my extra cash challenge next month because I'll need to.  I'll write up another post with the details why soon.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Net Worth Update - Beginning of Second Quarter of 2013

Here is an update on my net worth since last quarter. I'm happy to report that my numbers have improved across the board in all my assets. Some of the improvement is a little artificial because I am using Zillow to estimate the value of our house. I haven't really done anything special over the last 3 months, so it's nice to see my money is doing well.

Approximate value of our house: $177,822 (+ $8,298 since last quarter)
Roth IRA: $28,064 (+ $1,755 since last quarter)
Simple IRA: $5,496 (+ $267 since last quarter)
Regular IRA: $1,585 (+ $62 since last quarter)
Lending Club: $209 (+ $3 since last quarter)
Savings (including emergency fund): $23,544 (+ $3,819 since last quarter)

Total assets: $236,720 (+ $14,204 since last quarter)

Mortgage: $176,433 (- $1,507 since last quarter)

Total net worth: $60,287
Difference since last quarter: + $15,711