Monday, October 6, 2014

Net worth update - beginning of 4th quarter 2014

I am not feeling well today, so I'm taking my first sick day in nearly 3 years. Unfortunately I don't get paid sick time (one of the negatives of being a temp worker), so I only stay home if I really need to. Anyway, since I have extra time I'll update my net worth for the beginning of 4th quarter...

Approximate value of our house: $201,656 (+$14,088 since last quarter) (Estimation from Zillow)
Roth IRA: $39,710 (+$1,322 since last quarter)
Simple IRA: $7,088 (-$102 since last quarter)
Regular IRA: $4,313 (-$215 since last quarter)
Lending Club: $221 (+$1 since last quarter)
Savings (including emergency fund): $42,365 (-$5,649 since last quarter)

Total assets: $295,353 (+$9,445 since last quarter)

Mortgage: $167,030 (-$1,612 since last quarter)

Total net worth including our house: $128,323
Difference since last quarter: +$11,057

Calculation of my net worth not including the house:

Roth IRA: $39,710
Simple IRA: $7,088
Regular IRA: $4,313
Lending Club: $221
Savings (including emergency fund): $42,365

Total assets: $93,697

Mortgage: $167,030

Total net worth not including the house: -$73,333
Difference of -$3,031 since last quarter

Well it looks like the house value has rebounded a bit. Of course it might have not actually been as low as it said it was the past few months. My cash savings has decreased a bit because I reluctantly agreed to have our siding replaced. Sadly that will be a huge hit to our savings. They quoted us at $25,000. We sent in the down payment of about $8,000, so that is why the savings has decreased. We still owe about $17,000 so I expect the savings to really be low next time I do a net worth update. It looks like the IRA's have decreased a bit since the beginning of last quarter as well. I have added $2,000 to my Roth IRA since the last update, so that is the only reason that is a positive number.