Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Personal Training - Worth the expense?

My husband decided he wants to start using a personal trainer, which will cost about $25/week.  That's another $100 per month.  I have to admit, my husband could use a little motivation to lose some weight, so maybe this is what he needs, but I'm not happy he wants to spend $100 a month to do so.  I told him if he does start working out with a trainer that he needs to cut back on going out to eat for lunch and spending $1.50 on a vending machine soda every day.  Not only for the money, but what's the use of him going to a trainer if he just eats stuff like that anyway?  So hopefully we will break even if he stops his expensive restaurant lunch habit, but starts with the trainer.  Best case scenario is our doctor bills will go down as well.

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