Monday, May 2, 2011

The Appointment Has Been Made

Even though the calendar says May, it's been cold and rainy (and there have even been a few flurries in the mix).  Where is spring?  Anyway, all this damp weather has prompted my husband to schedule our appointment to have to gutters installed tomorrow.  Our credit card billing cycle ends on Friday.  So right now I'm just waiting to see if the charges for the gutters will be on this month's credit card or next month's.  If they get on this month's I will have to halt all payments to the second mortgage and save like crazy to get it paid by the beginning of June.  If the processing takes a few days as things often do, then I can probably still get that mortgage paid off this month.  Right now I'm a little stressed about scraping together the funds if the charges end up on this month's bill. Until then I'm trying not to spend too much, but the husband has other plans.  At least I'm in charge of most of the grocery shopping and I've been keeping that relatively low.  I might have to start looking for cheap dinner ideas because it's the only thing I can really control.

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