Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Challenge: October's Results

Here are the results for my Christmas Challenge for the month of October.

Part time job: $79.26
Blog advertising: $137.63
Amazon affiliate: $5.20
Ebay (minus fees and shipping costs): $24.17

Total for October: $246.26 (-$88.28 less than last month)
Total made so far: $1085.30
Total left to make (goal=$1,000): DONE!!

I did it! I reached $1,000 made outside of my regular job since July. I'm going to keep going because extra money is always a good thing. If it wasn't for hitting the $1,000 mark overall, I'd be a little disappointed in this month's results. I was making slightly more each month, so this is the first time I actually made less than the previous month. So my goal for this month is to make more than I did for October.

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