Saturday, January 19, 2013

Extra cash challenge - December results

Wow, 2013 is already going by too fast! It's already January 19 and I haven't even posted the results of my extra cash earnings from last month. Here are December's numbers:

Advertising: $91.65
Amazon: $14.64
ING: $10.07
Lending Club: $1.21
Part-time job: $9.69

Total: $127.26

Difference from last month: +$20.79

So a slight improvement over November, but I still could be doing better! I'm still working as a temp and after three years they make you take a mandatory 60 days off. Because business has slowed down, there is no guarantee that I will be going back after my 60 days are up. I realized the other day I only have a little over 6 months left until that time, so I really need to start thinking of how I can create more streams of income!

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