Monday, June 24, 2013

Extra cash challenge - May results

Ooops, this is really late because I thought I had posted it already, but I just realized it was still in draft mode today!  

Here are my numbers for the extra cash challenge for May:

Advertising:  $251.74
Amazon: $9.24
ING/Capital One 360: $14.27
Lending Club: $1.15
Part-time job: 25.97

Total: $302.37

Difference from last month: - $2.09

It looks like another good and consistent month! I am not going to be working the whole month of June, so I'm hoping to be able to bring these numbers up even more!  I still have a lot of unsold stuff from my aunt that I have already listed on Ebay a few times.  I got permission to lower the prices a bit, so I'll give it one last shot to get the left over stuff sold. I've been listing these items on and off since the beginning of the year without much luck. I think we agreed on 20% commission for me to list these.  If I can't get anything else to sell, I will have made about $50 total since I first started listing her stuff. It probably wasn't worth my time with all the times I listed them and made multiple trips to the post office. So, I'll re-list the unsold junk a few more times this month and then I'll post my final profits on next month's extra cash challenge.

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