Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is depressing...

I made another payment towards the principal balance of our mortgage today and since it's been about a month since I last checked Zillow, I decided to take a look thinking maybe we recovered some of the value in our house.  Well not only did it not recover, it went down even more!  It's now only worth $190,000!  So frustrating. At this rate I'll actually probably achieve goal #2 (paying all the second mortgage) before goal #1 (getting to break even).  I know I should treat this like money in my retirement accounts - not worry about short term losses.  But I still am a little nervous.  I thought the economy was supposed to be getting better.


  1. Unless you're planning to sell the short term value going down is beneficial because you pay less taxes.

  2. Sadly I think our tax assessment is saying the value is $230,000 or so, which I know is way off. Do you know if you can argue that with our county?