Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time for a "poor me" post


We've had a string a bad luck when it comes to finances lately.  Between car repairs, parking tickets and our house value dropping like a rock, it looks like we could be facing some bigger challenges ahead...

Last week my husband broke his finger.  Financially this could be a big problem between having to go to the emergency room, surgery on the finger and the various required check ups almost daily since it happened I'm sure this injury is going to cost thousands!  Thankfully we have insurance, but I don't know how much will be covered.  I guess we'll find out in about a month with the bills start arriving in the mail. I had to miss 2 days of work because of having to take him to doctor appointments and the surgery, so that is 2 days I didn't get paid for as well.

Now for even worse news... Now I know... I know... I shouldn't complain because things could be worse. I could have been in Northeast Japan when all the devastation happened this past week.  I feel bad for all the people over there.  But as you may know, we are planning a vacation to Japan very soon.  We are supposed to leave in less than a month.  But if things don't improve, our vacation is in jeopardy. My husband has been letting a travel agent take care of the plans, and he had asked for a quote on travel insurance two months ago.  Well the travel agent never got back to him about that and now it's too late. We paid about $9,000 and if we can't go due to the earthquake, it sounds like we will just lose all that money!  I'm beyond depressed about the idea of possibly throwing away that much money for nothing! That's about 5 months of work at a job I don't like for nothing!   So I guess we just hope that everything improves over the next few weeks and we can still go.

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