Thursday, April 7, 2011

Money Articles and Blogs

Here are some more articles/blogs about money I thought I'd share:

Death to the Mortgage
They are paying down their whole mortgage. I hope to someday be there too!

St. Patrick’s Day – Make Your Own “Luck of the Irish”
I've been talking about luck a lot on this blog, and here is a great post on how to improve your luck regarding your finances.

Want To Be a Successful Investor? Start By Recalibrating Your Brain
This article talks about risk tolerance. Right now I want to concentrate on paying down the 2nd mortgage, but it's something I'll have to think about soon!

Living Below Your Means Is Like Saving for Retirement Twice
This article is about the importance of living below your means and saving for retirement. The more you save the better.

Should you pay debt before saving?
I've been a little reluctant on taking money out of savings to pay down debt, and this article weighs the pros and cons of paying off debt vs. increasing your savings.

How to save money on food at the grocery store
Save money on groceries so you can use the savings to reach your wealth goals!

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