Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Extra cash challenge - July

Here are July's results of the extra cash challenge:

Part time job: $29.79
Amazon: $13.38
Advertising: $123.61

Total: $166.78
Difference from last month: -$94.46

Well as you can see I didn't do as well as last month. I don't want to give away what my main blog is, but the traffic really depends on how much the topic is in the news and this July was a slower month than June. I anticipate it'll be pretty slow for the rest of 2012 as well. So some of the income is out of my control. My part time job really slowed down again as well. My part time job is basically updating websites, and two of my main customers are summer festival and a county fair, but which are in June and July, so most of the website updates are done in May and June in preparation for those events. Now that those two events are done for the year, I expect that income to slow down too. So I should be trying to think of up some new ways to bring in some extra income. Any ideas?

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