Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Extra cash challenge - September's results

Here are September's earnings outside of my full time job.

Advertising: $116.08
Amazon: $24.63
Part time job: $7.43
Lending Club: $0.32
ING Savings: $11.69

Total: $160.15

Difference from last month: +$29.24

I'm not sure why it appears I made less money on Lending Club this month than last month. It said my total interest earnings was $0.92 which is only $0.32 than it was last month.

I have been selling some stuff on Ebay for my aunt, but I didn't actually come to an agreement about what percentage I would be getting for doing the work. Sadly it probably wasn't worth my time because most of her items did not sell. But I'll keep re-listing them and hope to get more things sold. So I did make a little more money this month, I just don't know exactly how much yet.

So overall not a bad month, but I'd still like to increase these earnings so I can accomplish more financial goals faster!

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