Sunday, October 14, 2012

Net worth update - 3rd Quarter 2012

It's hard to believe it is already the forth quarter of 2012! It's time to check in with my net worth.

Approximate value of our house: $171,906* (Down $14,794)
Roth IRA: $25,258 (Up $1,348)
Simple IRA: $5,327 (Up $278)
Regular IRA: $974 (new account)
Lending Club: $102 (new account)
Savings (including emergency fund): $15,076 (Down $4,086)

Total assets: $218,643 (Down $16,178)

Mortgage: $179,430 (Down $1,473)

Total net worth: $39,213
Difference since last quarter: -$14,705

*Estimation from Zillow

I figured the main cause of my net worth dropping significantly would be due to buying a new car, but the Zillow value of our house dropped nearly $15K. As a matter of fact, if the house "value" had stayed the same, the purchase of our car would have really not made much of an over all effect on our net worth since I last checked it in July. If the house value was the same, my net worth difference would have only been $89. I still don't know how to best handle figuring the net worth and including our house, but I don't think Zillow is the most accurate.

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