Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking a look at our budget

I came up what I think our monthly budget is. I want to live off of just my husband's income and according to the budget I have created, we should be able to do so, and have $700 left over at the end of the month, but we never do. We live paycheck to paycheck and usually have to use some my income to cover our expenses. Here is the budget I came up with:

Income: $3,992

Regular bills:
Mortgage: -$1,133
Property Taxes: -$200
Insurance (home, auto and life): -$259
Trash: -$24
Gym: -$130
Internet/Cable: -$100
Cell Phone: -$83

Somewhat Variable Bills:
Gas/Electric: -$150
Water and Sewer: -$35

Other Expenses:
Grocery: -$400
Gas: -$400
Misc supplies: -$75
Oil Changes (average per month): -$30
Gifts (average per month): -$80
Eating out: -$100
Entertainment -$80
Left over: $713

So where is this extra $713?  I know some of this has gone towards big purchases (like the iPad), and frustrating expenses beyond our control (such as doctor bills), but still I don't know what is happening to the rest of the money we should have at the end of the month.  I'll be back later with an analysis of where our money is going.

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