Sunday, July 3, 2011

Throwing Away Junk and Finding Money

Last year I got this book "The Courage to be Rich" by Suze Orman at a garage sale, and I'm just now getting around to reading it. In the chapter I just finished she encourages the reader to throw away of 25 things.  This is to make room for more abundance to come into your life.  I have to admit I'm a bit of a pack rat. Once in a while I watch that TV "Hoarders" to make myself feel better.  I'm not that bad, but I'm always worried about throwing things out in case I'll need them some day.  So in the past half hour I looked around to find things I was willing to part with.  Here's what I found:

  • Several pairs of socks (either they didn't have a match, they had a hole or I just never wear them)
  • Used zip lock bags I thought I'd re-use
  • Ring box
  • Lollipop from my niece's birthday party
  • Yellow highlighter (we have 3, so I got rid of the oldest one)
  • Glass jar with a chipped cover
  • Pack of gum with only 1 stick left
  • Expired debit card
  • Employee discount card from an old job
  • Jokers from a card deck
  • Pile of old receipts
  • Old box (I thought I would use for a gift or something)
  • Nail file a cat chewed on (why do they love those things?)
  • Part of packaging that came with my humidifier.  (I store it in the box it came in during the summer, but of course everything doesn't fit in the box as well as the manufacturer put it in)

The next thing you're supposed to do is look for money you have laying around the house, and then put into a "jar of abundance".

I didn't go through the whole house, but I'm actually fairly good at not leaving money around, but I still managed to find 78 cents (most of which was at the bottom of my purse). I had already been putting my spare change into a jar, but my jar is pretty small and already full, so I may have to look for a larger jar because it may be physically and psychologically preventing me from accumulating more.

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