Saturday, July 2, 2011

IRA Asset Allocation and Balance: July 2

If there is anything more volatile than the constantly changing home values, it's value of mutual fund investments. This time it was actually good news. Just 2 weeks ago, my IRA balance was $18,653.13 and as of this morning with only an additional $600 invested the balance has skyrocketed to $20,141.42!

I knew that I'd see a good number after seeing the news about the value of stocks rising this week, but I didn't expect to surpass the $20K mark. I was actually a little disappointed earlier this week when I heard the Dow was doing so well because I knew that meant I'd be buying my shares at a higher price. Now I wish I would have purchased some shares last month when they were a little cheaper. Oh well, at this point the only thing that matters is that I get some money invested and actually contribute the maximum since I don't have a 401K.

My asset allocation is pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago, but starting next month, I plan to increase my growth stock percentage.

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