Saturday, June 25, 2011

IRA Asset Allocation and Balance

My husband is doing better after having surgery on Monday and will probably be back to work full time next week (thankfully it's a desk job). Of course I still don't know how this will affect us financially, so for now I'm going continue my financial plans as I had planned. Since part of my plan is to stock pile cash, that should hopefully be enough to cover any medical expenses we can't cash flow.

For some reason I don't feel that same drive to put money in my IRA as I did with paying down the second mortgage. So I want to start measuring my progress. Here is my starting point:

It was over $19,000 not too long ago, but with the Dow Jones decreasing so much lately, it's not a big surprise it's in the $18,000's. It seems like I'm always saying "Dave Ramsey says" in this blog, but Dave Ramsey says to invest in a good Growth stock. As you can see only 17% of my IRA is in growth stock right now. So I will probably work towards increasing that percentage as I add more money into it.

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