Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Check is in the Mail!

I went to the bank today to get a cashier's check (apparently another hoop one has to jump through to pay off a mortgage), and put it in the mail.  So the money has been withdrawn and it's pretty much official that the second mortgage is now paid in full!

For some reason I don't feel as thrilled as I thought I'd feel.  Maybe it's because I was so close for a couple months but then had to wait because of other bills.  Maybe it's because it's not really official yet until they receive it. Or maybe I'm a little frustrated that I had to wait for the pay off form to arrive, and I had to pay $46 for a "processing fee" plus $7 for the certified check they required.  The mortgage was through one of those big banks like Dave Ramsey was complaining about on his show yesterday.  Speaking of Dave Ramsey he also says interest rates are still really low and anyone who doesn't owe more than their house is worth should refinance.  We wanted to refinance last fall and couldn't because we owed more than the house was worth.  But I think now it's at least break even, if not, we're a little ahead. So that is something we should consider. I don't know if I could convince the husband to do it, but 15 year mortgages are under 4%!

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