Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to have a positive mindset when it comes to money

I have a couple friends on Facebook who sometimes annoy me because they are always complaining! One of the friends is always posting updates about how she will never find a man or how miserable she is because she doesn't have a boyfriend.  A couple others will gripe about anything and everything. So I know how annoying it can be to see someone always complain about things. 

And I see it in myself when I read this blog. My last post is the perfect example of my excessive complaining. Probably half the posts are about how this and that has negatively influences our finances.  I have to admit, this has been a particularly tough year with the unexpected and uncontrollable expenses.  The rapid depreciation of our assets like our home and retirement accounts does not help either.  However, to look on the positive side, it's projected that we will make more this year than we ever have in previous years. We have also accomplished some financial goals like paying off a small mortgage which will help us save a bit every month and that will potentially help us build wealth in the future.

So I started thinking of how can I look at our finances in a more positive way?

Since I'm a glass is half empty type of person, I had to do some research on this.  Here are some ideas:

Be thankful whenever money comes to you. 
So whenever you get your paycheck, you get a rebate, earn a couple bucks of interest on your savings account, or even find a penny on the ground, take a moment to acknowledge it and feel gratitude for it.

Imagine what it would be like to be wealthy. 
Take 20 minutes of time without interruptions and imagine the house you would like to live in, or the car you would like to drive, what kind of vacation you would like to take.  You can imagine yourself checking your bank accounts - how much money is in there?  Allow yourself to feel as if these images are reality.

Create a vision board. 
I know that is stolen from "The Secret" and a little bit cliché.  But it may help you with the above suggestion of imagining what life would be like if you had abundance.

I admit I struggle with this one. Don't get me wrong, I would love to give.  But, at this time I think, "I'll give to charity once we have a better control on our finances". However I have read time and time again how money flows back to you when you give.  So give giving a try!

Think wealthy thoughts.  
Say affirmations like "money comes to me easily" or "my net worth is always increasing" or "I always earn more money than what I spend". However, stay away from affirmations that are so much of a stretch that you won't believe them.

Read success stories.
Read the "rags to riches" stories out there.  Often you'll find people that started off in a worse position than you and were able to become wealthy.  Learning their stories can give you confidence that you can do it too.

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