Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IRA Asset Allocation and Balance: August

It's time once again for a report on my Roth IRA balance and asset allocation. Stock values have decreased a bit over the last couple weeks, so my account was back below $20K for the last couple weeks, but after my contribution this month it is currently at $20,954.97. Even though I added $1,600, it is only up $813.55 since last month.

I only contributed $1,600 instead of the $1,800 I had planned because life got in the way again. Last Monday was a pretty bad day. It started off with my husband finding out his uncle died and then the end of the day us having to call our insurance company because our sump pump stopped working and we had enough water in our basement to ruin the carpet and pad we just bought last November. Between that and the problems we had with the cats I guess it just wasn't meant to be for us to have nice carpet. If only we would have just waited a year to replace the old carpet. I wouldn't be as bummed out if it ruined the carpet we had wanted to replace anyway.

So getting back to the IRA. A new sump pump cost $200, so I decreased my contribution by $200 at the last minute in order to pay for that. Unfortunately the expenses are not done. We have a $1,000 deductible on our insurance policy, so we'll probably have to spend another $800 out of pocket. So at this time, I don't know if I'll be able to finish my IRA contributions by September 1st or not. I'll need to put in $2,000 to do so, and I don't know if that will happen. Hopefully we can cover the carpet cleaning/pad replacement out of my husband's income, but I doubt it.

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