Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will my boss give me a raise?

This Friday will mark eight weeks since I originally asked my boss for a raise and I still have not heard if I am going to get it.  The boss did mention to me on Monday that he is still waiting to hear back from someone else. But I'm really starting to lose hope.  My co-worker had encouraged me to just go ask for a raise because she made it sound so easy.  I thought I'd know by the time I left his office the day I asked.  Then I figured I'd know no later than a week later, now almost two months have gone by and I still have not got an answer. So I'll let you know if anything ever happens there. I think after I take my vacation next month it might be time to look for a new job!

My husband's cost of living raise starts this month, so at least we will be getting a little more income.  Unfortunately my husband's personal trainer will be increasing from the already too expensive $100 per month to $132 a month.  I really, really, really wish I could convince him to stop going because it is not helping him at all and it's just a waste of money. 

I now have $8,000 saved up for the upstairs windows.  I don't know when we are going to get them replaced.  My husband isn't as enamored with windows now that we got the downstairs ones done.  So the $8,000 might be used towards a replacement vehicle. I read on J.D. Roth's website "Get Rich Slowly" that he is not saving for any goal in particular.  I kind of feel that way, but I still have so many things to save for, I'm just not sure which one we will need first.  Because they are all big ticket items, I have to start saving months or even years in advance. Even if you look at the chart I posted a couple months ago, it says I saved for flooring for the bathroom, yard work, my sister's wedding, a front door and a vacation - none of which has happened yet (although the vacation is coming soon!).  Other than the sister's wedding and the vacation (which for the most part is now pre-paid), I don't have each of those in a separate savings account.  So the $8,000 could go towards some of those items as well. Anything smaller than $500 can probably be cash flowed as long as the other spending that month is not out of control.  So I think I'll just concentrate on the bigger items. The main ones are:
  • Upstairs windows
  • Replace vehicle #1
  • Replace vehicle #2
  • Fund Roth IRA
  • Trip to Japan
  • Replace siding on the house

None of these need to be done this year (except maybe 2012's IRA contribution), but I would like to see them all done within the next 3 years. We are probably looking at a total cost of about $65,000 to $75,000 accomplish just those six things on the list.  Maybe I should just make a big fat goal of raising $75,000 and then go on a shopping spree and take care of all six at once!

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