Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 60 Things De-Cluttering Challenge

My sister let me know that she will be having a garage sale in a few weeks. This will be a nice opportunity to make some extra money and clean up the house a bit. I just donated some stuff to the Good Will about a month ago (and will get a bit of a tax deduction), so I already got rid of the stuff that was easiest to part with. Without looking, I can't really think of much to put in the garage sale.  Since participating in her garage sale will involve an hour drive each way and a day of volunteering to help, I want to make it worth it. So I am putting out a challenge to myself to find at least 60 items to sell in the garage sale. Hopefully 60 items will make it worth my time and the gas money to bring the stuff there. I have tried to de-clutter before, but I need to dig deeper!  I have been reading this blog once in a while called "Zen Habits" by Leo Babauta and he is a big believer in de-cluttering your environment to bring more peace in your life.  I've also read that getting rid of old stuff will help create space physically and metaphysically for more abundance. Over the next few weeks I will look around the house for what I can get rid of and will share my results on here.

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