Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's official, I got a raise!

I checked my pay stub online and as of tomorrow's paycheck I make 50 cents more an hour! It's not great, but every little bit helps!  Fifty cents an hour equals $1,040  a year.  So my yearly wage (assuming I don't take any days off because I still don't get paid vacation and sick time) would be $28,912. Oooh, so close to $29k.  I should be eligible for my regularly scheduled raise in August, so that should push it over the $29k mark.  Next goal: $30k. I did make over $30k last year because of overtime and if you included my side income. However, I'd love to make over $30k just from my regular 40 hours a week.

After taxes, the weekly pay check is about $15 more than before, so that means I'll be making about an extra $60 a month!  I want to use this extra money wisely, so if you haven't already, let me know what you would do with the extra money.

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