Thursday, June 7, 2012

Extra Cash Challenge - May Results

Here are my results for May's extra cash challenge.  But first I need to follow up on a couple posts...

I few weeks ago I had asked what I should do with my extra money from my raise. I received 2 votes - one in the comments and one on my twitter page.  Both votes were in favor of putting the extra money towards the mortgage, so that is the plan!

My sister's garage sale is this weekend.  I had posted how I wanted to sell at least 60 things.  Well I didn't count, but I'm pretty sure I did put at least 60 things in the garage sale.  My sister was over at our house at our house earlier this week for our mom's birthday so she took most of the stuff back with her, and I forgot to take a photo first.  I still have a smaller pile of stuff that she couldn't fit in her car, so I'll be bringing that over on Saturday when I go over there to help out. So this is probably not even a quarter of the stuff...

I know you can't really tell what's all in there, but it's mostly clothes, some art supplies and kitchen stuff.  A few years ago I was trying to make money on Ebay.  I hated the idea of having to go to work after one of my temporary jobs ended, so I wanted to try selling stuff on ebay.  I would shop at garage sales and then resell items on ebay.  Sometimes I'd make a profit and sometimes I wouldn't.  I think if I were to add up the time it took to work on it between shopping, listing, packaging and shipping, I probably only made like a $1 per hour.  I still ocassionally sell stuff on Ebay, but I haven't for a while. Lately I feel like if I can't make at least $3 profit then it's not worth my time.  Now that I have a regular full time job I can't go to the yard sales on Thursday and Friday's like I used to.  By the time Saturday comes all the good stuff is gone.  So anyway, I had ordered several different size boxes and padded envelopes for my "Ebay business", but now they are taking up a lot of space in our closet, so I put some of those in the garage sale. I still kept a few of each size but I have come to the conclusion that I won't be making a living doing Ebay sales - at least not anytime soon.

So as you can guess I didn't make any money from Ebay in the extra cash challenge this month, but here are the rest of my extra earnings.

Part-time job: $19.81
Advertising: $232.91
Amazon: $8.52

Total: $261.24

Last Month: $213.77
Difference from last month: + $47.47

So I had another great month and a new record for ad income!  The only disapointing thing is 96% of that income came from my big blog, and I expect that topic to not get as much traffic in a couple months. But I'll take it while it lasts!  June is looking good so far and I also should have some garage sale earnings to report next month too.

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  1. That's an excellent month in extra cash earning! Congrats!