Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good news!

Last month I wrote about how I finally got a raise, well now I have even more good news.  My husband is starting a new job on July 2, and he will be making a more money too!  I figure he will be making about $370 more (after taxes) every month, which is about $4,440 per year!  Plus his profit sharing bonus that usually comes in March will be higher as well!  There are only 2 drawbacks.  One is his current job gave him a cell phone and paid for the plan, and this new job won't.  So now we'll have an extra expense every month which I figure will be between $50 and $80 (I'll have to see the first bill to really know for sure).  Also right now we work for the same company (him full time and me as a temp) so we usually carpool to save on gas.  Now we'll each have to drive separately to work.  But the good news is this new job is closer to home, so it shouldn't cost as much in gas. Hopefully this new job is a good fit for him and he likes it.  Now I just need to find a better job too!

PS: I ended making $88.20 at my sister's garage sale.

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