Thursday, September 13, 2012

I received a $5,000 check yesterday!

Wow! It's not often you get a financial surprise that is good news! Usually to get a financial windfall you either have to win a lottery or someone has to die to leave money to you. Well imagine my surprise when I was handed a $5,000 check yesterday! My parents recently sold their house and they decided to give their kids some money! My parents don't usually do things like that, so I am beyond surprised but happy to get some extra money! They know our cars are getting old, so they even mentioned that we could put this money towards a new vehicle! So once I deposit this check I should have about $22,000 saved up! That would be enough to get a decent 2-year-old vehicle! There is really nothing wrong with our cars right now, so I might just hold on to this money and try to get another year or two out of our current vehicles. Sadly, my husband mentioned he wants to get a brand-new car instead of getting a used one because he said we was worried that he didn't know how the previous owner treated it. I would rather get a low mileage used car that is still in good condition to save on that depreciation cost. I guess we'll have to see what is out there and what the prices are. At this point I don't even know which of our two vehicles we would trade in first because they have roughly the same mileage. So right now, the plan is to still keep saving a much cash as I can.  Although, I am reconsidering adding to my IRA's now that I am ahead of schedule.

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