Saturday, February 26, 2011

Money Drains and Does the "Law of Attraction" Work?

I'm trying to have a positive attitude about money, but it is so frustrating to keep running into people essentially forcing us to pay money.  A couple weeks ago my sister set up reservations at a very expensive restaurant for our parent's anniversary.  My idea of how much we were to spend was about $100, but it ended up costing $180! So we were essentially forced to pay $80 we didn't want to.  Then last night my husband got a parking ticket, so that's another $33 we are being forced to pay.  So add those two up we've had to pay $113 just in stuff we were forced into paying just in the past couple weeks. Not to mention, we just paid $400 in car repairs last week. It's just so frustrating because it seems like the money goes faster than we can make it! 

I believe in the power of a positive mindset, so I know I need to get into a better frame of mind, but I need to catch a break!  Yesterday I felt like I was in a very good frame of mind.  Over the past few years I keep hearing about the "law of attraction" which is what you think about will manifest into your life.  So yesterday I felt really good about money coming into my life, but then I found out about the parking ticket. So if I felt that good about money, but then got the traffic ticket, it kind of makes me not want to think positively about money.  I think I'm a little superstitious about feeling good about money because it seems like whenever I finally feel good about my financial situation and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, then something bad like a car repair, a vacation costing a lot more than planned or even this parking ticket comes along and makes me feel like we'll never get ahead.  Let me know below if you have any suggestions on how to get more positive and manifest more money into my life.

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