Thursday, February 24, 2011

Numbers Update

Well good news and bad news - bad news is one of our vehicles needed new brakes, so we have to pay about $400 for that.  But the good news is at least I've been able to put some money towards the mortgage the last couple weeks.  Here is an update on the numbers:

Mortgage 1: $184,979.58
Mortgage 2: $19,449.35
Total: $204,478.93

Amount left to pay to get to $200,000: $4,478.93
Amount left to pay to break even*: $8,478.93
Amount left to pay to be done with 2nd mortgage: $19,449.35

So at least the second mortgage now officially begins with a "1"... I'm looking forward to just 4 digits, but that'll be a while, so my next goal is get the total including the first mortgage under $200,000.  If everything goes well, I should be able to do so by June 1st.

*I had to change my break even amount to $196,000 because of a recent update to the value of our house.

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