Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9 More Days

In only 9 more days I can start paying down that mortgage again.  I have to put away this week's paycheck for the trip, but the check I get on February 17 should be able to be put towards the mortgage!  Yay for being one of the few people that actually gets paid every week rather than every other week... I'm impatient for that money to come in as it is!

In other news I recently had a birthday and got $190 worth of checks as gifts!  Money is my favorite birthday gift:) 

Here are the income numbers for January:

Husband's income: $3,898.54
My income: $2,232.83
Total: $6,131.37
So the income was a little higher this month than last month.  As you can see my husband's income went up a bit because we are not setting aside as much in our health care reimbursement fund this year.  Last year I ended up getting LASIK only because we had to use up the funds or lose them. Unfortunately my husband signed up for a personal trainer, so a good portion of that money will be lost on that extra bill.

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