Monday, July 30, 2012

Need to think bigger when it comes to earning money

I was thinking a bit more about what my co-worker was telling me about renting out his cabin for $200 a day. He earns great money and lives in a completely different financial world than I do. $100 is still a lot of money to me. But to someone like him $100 is probably like $20 to me. The main reason is my income. If I didn't have my husband, I'd pretty much be living on a boarder of the poverty line. Even if I get offered overtime, a full day (earning time and a half) is only worth a little more than $100 after taxes. I can think of several small ways to save money such as setting the thermostat to 74 instead of 70 in the summer, using coupons only on double coupon day at the grocery store, saving myself $2 when I fill up with gas on Tuesdays because they double any competitor's gas coupons. And I'm sure all this still does help to a certain extent. But I'm not going to get financial security by just doing things like that. I need to find a way I can bring in a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars extra per month. I will sometimes have an idea, but I always stop myself by over thinking and thinking oh that wouldn't work or that my husband would not approve. For example, I thought about buying some equipment to detail cars and then advertise that I will clean and detail your car for $50. If I did just 2 a day, I could make as much as I do in a day at my job. Or I think about offering to clean houses, but then I worry what if I accidentally ruin something like if I used the wrong type of cleaner and ruined the floor or something. I'd love to really go big and do some real estate stuff.  However I fret over if I should get gas today or tomorrow because will the price go up or not, so I don't know if I could handle the stress of losing larger amounts of money. I need to not worry too much about pennies and worry more about the bigger picture.

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