Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why it is important to have some money in savings

A week ago today started off like any other day. I got up and drove to work and parked in the parking lot (which is probably nearly a ten minute walk to my building so I get my exercise each morning). But anyway, I turned the car off and went to pull out the key and it wouldn't let me! It got close to the "off" position, but not quite enough for me to pull the key out! The lights were all still lit up on the dash board so I didn't want to leave the car out in the parking lot all day with the key still in the ignition and all the dashboard lights on. So I brought the car into the mechanic. To make a long story short and because I still don't know exactly what was wrong (I'm a girl, I don't understand cars), I will just say it cost $1,000 to get it fixed. So that was a huge bummer! I wish I could have put that money towards a nice vacation, an eventual gently used vehicle or even something boring like putting it into my IRA. So now I have to work for two and a half weeks just to get back to where I was.

Thankfully it was not a huge blow to us financially. That's why it's nice to know we have money in the bank! I wasn't expecting to spend $1,000 that day, and it's for reasons like this it is good to have an emergency fund in place!

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