Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vending machines are a rip off!

My husband will spend $3.50 on a pop and muffin at work. He could probably a pop and a muffin from the bakery than for less than $1.50 from the grocery store. If it were me, I'd go one step more and have water or coffee in place of the pop and make my own muffins. A dozen muffins can probably be made for less than $2.00 and even if he has 2 at a time because they are a little smaller, he could have muffins for a full work week for probably less than he spends on one muffin in the vending machine. This just started at his new job, so maybe I will have to propose doing it that way. The only bad thing is having muffins around the house. They might not last the whole week. Maybe if I freeze them it would discourage us from just eating them because they are there. But if he goes to the vending machine 5 days a week, he is spending $17.50 per week. Here is what a daily $3.50 vending machine purchase can do to your finances in a year.
Using the vending machine each work day would cost.

$17.50 x 52 = $910!

In this scenario, let's still let him have his soda, but buy a 12 pack of soda for about $3.50 (assuming I stock up when it's on sale) and make a dozen muffins a week. So he has 2 cans of pop and 2 muffins each day and still has 4 of each left over at the end of the week.

$5.50 per week x 52 = $286

That amounts to a savings of $624 in one year.
What could you do with an extra $624?

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