Thursday, July 5, 2012

Net Worth Update - Second Quarter 2012

Every quarter I like to check how much my net worth is. Here is the numbers for July 2012.

Approximate value of our house: $186,700* (up $11,000)
Roth IRA: $23,910 (Down $87)
Simple IRA: 5,049 (Down $283)
Savings (including emergency fund): $19,162 (Up $4,433)
Total assets: $234,821 (Up $15,063)

Mortgage: $180,903 (Down $1,407)

Total net worth: $53,918
Difference since last quarter: +$16,470

*Estimation from Zillow

I'm very happy to see the results this month. I jumped past the $40,000's into the $50,000's in just 3 months. However, $11,000 of the increase in my "net worth" is because Zillow told me so. So of course some of this may be artificial. I hope the house really is starting to become worth more again. If the number is accurate, then we now owe less on our house than it is worth again! Let's hope it is never "under water" again.

The IRA's are still losing money. It doesn't look bad when you see my Roth only lost $87 since last quarter, but I also have invested an additional $600 since then, so it has really lost about $687. If you add up the losses from both the Roth IRA and the Simple IRA is was nearly $1,000.

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